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Aisino Financial Sharing Service Center Unveiled

On January 17, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) Financial Sharing Service Center was officially inaugurated in Shijiazhuang of Hebei, marking Aisino officially entering an era of finance sharing. Zhang Fengqiang, CFO of Aisino, Meng Fanjie, Chief Accountant of China Aerospace Automobile Co., Ltd., and Nan Zhenxing, Vice President of Hebei GEO University attended the unveiling ceremony. On the same day, the provincial-level accounting postgraduate practice base jointly established by Aisino and Hebei GEO University was formally established.

Scene of inauguration ceremony

Zhang Fengqiang delivers a speech

Meng Fanjie delivers a speech

Nan Zhenxing delivers a speech

Zhang Fengqiang delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony, affirming the staged achievements in the construction of the financial sharing service center. He put forward three requirements for the follow-up construction: First, adhere to the high position and fully integrate the resource advantages of multiple parties to build the financial sharing service center featuring advanced technology, smooth operation and standardized management as soon as possible; Second, strengthen coordination, continuously strengthen the communication within and outside the system and with brother units of the group company, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and jointly promote financial sharing research and talent cultivation; Third, strengthen organizational construction, establish party organization simultaneously, carry out organizational construction work in an orderly manner, thus laying a organizational foundation for follow-up construction and operation.

Meng Fanjie expressed his congratulations on the foundation of Financial Sharing Service Center and expressed his gratitude to Aisino and its system implementation team for their technical support and cooperation. He also expressed his hope to continue to promote the financial sharing project cooperation with Aisino to jointly facilitate the landing of the strategic planning of CASIC.

Nan Zhenxing said that the establishment and development of the Financial Sharing Center was not only a revolution in the financial management of Aisino but also represented the development direction in the financial field. He expressed the hope to further promote strategic cooperation with Aisino and add momentum to the development of both parties and the industry.

After the unveiling ceremony, the participants visited the office area of the financial sharing service center, listened to the project introduction and key work progress report, observed the system demonstration, and had communication on the center’s construction and follow-up operation and development.

The construction of the financial sharing center is an important measure of Aisino to implement the strategic deployment of CASIC, practice the development strategy of informationization, socialization, marketization and internationalization, accelerate the construction of smart enterprises and speed up transformation and upgrading. Aisino will take this opportunity to contribute more wisdom and strength to China's fiscal and taxation informational construction.

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