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Aisino Wins 2017 China Energy Enterprise Informational Innovation Award

On January 24-26, the 7th China Energy Enterprises Informationization Conference was held in Chengdu. China Information Industry Association, leading enterprises from power grid, power generation, petroleum and petrochemical sectors and a number of well-known information companies gathered to discuss the informational development of China's energy enterprises. At the meeting, Aisino Corporation (Aisino)’s “Energy Industry VAT Invoice New System Solution” won the “China Energy Enterprise Informatization Program Case Innovation Award”.

Certificate of honor

During the conference, Aisino’s representative delivered a speech themed “Facilitating the Development of Tax Informationization in the Energy Industry”, analyzing the changing characteristics and development trends of the tax policy in recent years and the problems in the tax management of energy enterprises, especially the pain points of the group companies under the circulation tax system, proposing the scientific use of information technology to build a comprehensive tax management information system covering outputs, reporting, inputs, risk control and tax analysis, and sharing the actual cases and effects of the comprehensive application of Aisino’s “Energy Industry VAT Invoice New System Solution” in energy enterprises. Aisino invited association, energy enterprises and informatization vendors to jointly participate in the construction of the cloud tax ecosystem.

Aisino has deeply tapped the tax informationization field for more than 20 years and has long served customers in large energy industries. With the comprehensive promotion of the state’s “Internet +” strategy, Aisino keeps abreast with policy changes and technological changes, continues to introduce invoice management solutions suitable for energy industry application scenarios and has successively signed leading enterprises in energy, construction, retail and other key industries and implemented a number of demonstration projects. Aisino is widely recognized and praised by industries.

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