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Aisino Organizes Whole-System Inspector Training

On May 25, 2016, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) organized 40-odd inspectors of the whole system to have inspection business training. Ms. Yu Ting, Head of the Second Inspection Group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of No. 1 Research Institute and Secretary of the Party Committee of 8511 Research Institute, was invited to give an on-site lecture. The training was held by Li Xiufen, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Aisino. The inspectors of Aisino headquarters and the units in Beijing participate in the training on the main venue, and those outside Beijing by video conference.

Yu Ting gives an on-site lecture

In combination with her years of work experience in inspection, she made a lively exposition on the meaning and purpose, main contents, bases, requirements, operating methods and experience of the inspection work, making the trainees have a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of inspection working knowledge.

Li Xiufen presides over this training

Li Xiufen puts forward three requirements on the company’s inspection work: First, the inspectors should seriously study and master the contents of training; second, according to the company’s work plan at year beginning, inspection will be conducted to five units this year. Then some personnel will be transferred from the inspector pool to carry out corresponding work. The transferred personnel should have active participation and their units or departments should offer support and cooperation; third, the discipline inspection department shall organize thematic exchanges and seminars at the right moment and constantly sum up experience through practices to improve the overall level of the company’s inspection work, promote cadres’ performance of their duties and escort the company’s development.

Training scene

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