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Aisino Holds Anti-Corruption Themed Viewing Activity

On May 27, 2016, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) organized an anti-corruption themed viewing activity at Aisino Park. Nearly 200 people participated in the activity, including the cadres above middle level of the headquarters, as well as the party members, activists in CPC joining, CYL cadres of the units in the park.

Activity scene

During the activity, the participants watched an anti-corruption warning education feature film - Style Construction on the Way Forever. The film showed the effects of the CPC style construction headed by the central party committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary that insists that the CPC must manage his party and strengthen self-discipline and formulates eight regulations to regulate the behaviors of the CPC members. After watching the film, the participants noted that they were deeply touched and more clearly recognized that each party member and leading cadre should continuously improve the consciousness of party constitution, party rules and party discipline, know the awe and the bottom line, build a strong ideological line of defense and be a clean practitioner.

The activity is one of thematic education activations of “tightening the discipline and rules of the CPC, and strengthening the consciousness of party constitution, party rules and party discipline” that Aisino deeply carries out. The activity plays a positive role in effectively enhancing the political and action awareness of the majority of party members and leading cadres in compressively strengthening party self-discipline and further promoting the company’s party conduct and anti-corruption building.


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