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Aisino Holds 2015 Working Conference

On January 29-30, 2015, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) grandly held its 2015 working conference in Beijing. The conference conveyed the spirit of the 2015 working conference of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), made a comprehensive summary of the 2014 work of Aisino, deeply analyzed the current situations and tasks, studied and deployed the tasks for the work in 2015, and mobilized all cadres and employees to bravely shoulder responsibilities and forge ahead, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of Aisino and make efforts for forging a world-class IT business group with innovative thoughts, good metal status and solid style of work.
Wei Yiyin, Deputy General Manager and Party Leadership Group Member of CASIC attended the meeting and made an important speech. Nearly 300 people participated in the meeting, including the members of the company’s management team, the medium-level cadres and above of its headquarters, the leaders of its national branches and subsidiaries, representatives of outstanding employees and the representatives of its headquarters employees and staff. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy General Manager Gong Baoguo.

Wei Yiyin makes important instructions

Shi Yang delivers an important speech

Yu Liang delivers work report

Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino, delivers a work report themed “Comply with the New Normal States, Open up New Markets and Explore New Models to Ensure the Completion of the Development Objectives of the 12th Five-Year Plan”. The report noted that, in 2014, under the support of CASIC, under the correct leadership of the company’s board of directors, all the cadres and workers of the company worked hard to seek new changes and actively responded to the challenges by the changing external conditions and intense market competition; around the annual work goal, focused on strategy, team, grassroots and foundation, laid stress on the main businesses, made big achievements in terms of market development, research and innovation, capital and asset management and capacity building, successfully completed the company’s annual business objectives and various key tasks and continually maintained a sustained, healthy and rapid development momentum. At the same time, the report identified the company’s general idea on the 2015 work, deployed the “3432” work objectives and identified 9 priorities and safeguards. The company will center on “ensuring 3 completions, realize 4 obvious improvements, give full play to 3 roles and achieve 2 new breakthroughs” to carry out work and speed up transformation and upgrading.

Awarding ceremony

At the meeting, Gong Baoguo conveyed the spirit of the 2014 working meeting if CASIC. Deputy General Manager Wang Yumin announced the Decision on Commending the Advanced Collectives and Outstanding Employees in 2014, CFO Zhang Fengqiang announced the decision on commending “Top Ten Teams of CASIC 2014”, and the present leaders awarded the award-winning units and individuals with trophies and certificates and issued production safety liability statements and anti-corruption liability statements to relevant responsible units.
Mr. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino delivers an important speech and put seven requirements on the 2015 work: first, accurately grasp the changes in the external situation and internal development requirements, actively adapt to the “new normal states” and seize the opportunity of Internet development to promote the company’s spiral rapid development path; second, well do coordination and arrangement to achieve sustainable comprehensive development, while focusing on the promotion of “business tax reform to AVT”, actively explore new markets, new businesses and new products and build “reserve” for sustainable development; third, strengthen management and operational capacity building to enhance the combat effectiveness; fourth, increase the intensity of capital operation to boost upgrade; fifth, accelerate the pace of going out and actively expand the international market; sixth, strengthen top-level design, strengthen planning guide and earnestly do a good job in the development planning for the 13th Five-Year Plan period; strengthen party building and cadre team building and do a good job to ensure security and stability so as to escort the central task.
Wei Yiyin fully affirmed, on behalf of the party leadership group of CASIC, the tremendous accomplishments of Aisino in the past year and expressed congratulations on the award-winning units and individuals. He asked the cadres of Aisino at all levels to conscientiously implement the spirit of CASIC’s work conference and focus on the five requirements of Chairman Gao Hongwei on the leading cadres. Targeting at Aisino’s 2015 work, Wei proposed seven requirements: first, scientifically plan the top-level design of the 13th Five-Year Plan and lead industry development with strategy and boost transformation and upgrading; second, adapt to the “new normal state” of economic development, focus on key industry sectors and make efforts in practicing “three innovations”; third, give full play to the role of the capital platform as a listed company, integrate resources, consolidate advantages and solve weakness; fourth, accelerate the pace of international operation development and open market channels to promote the landing of system-level projects; fifth, enhance the capacity of high-end technology innovation, and do a good job in technical innovation reserve; sixth, avoid business risk and ensure the healthy corporate development; seventh, strengthen construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government and play the integral role of safeguard and supervision system.

Meeting scene

During the conference, Shi Yang delivers a special report on transformation and upgrading of Aisino, Fu Jianjun made a special job description, Chief Auditor Wu Deyong detailed the auditing work topic, and all delegates watched the propaganda film on harmony and stability. Around the spirit of leaders’ speeches, the reports of work conference, the promotion work of “business tax reform to AVT”, promoting the development, transformation and upgrade of three major industry sectors, the delegates had group discussions.
Yu Liang made a summarization at the conference and put forward four requirements the good accomplishment of the 2015 work: first, timely well do the work mobilization on the 2015 work; second, highlight the key points, make overall plans and take all factors intoconsideration in the whole-year work; third, pay high attention to risk control and do a good job in security and confidentiality; fourth, care the staff to that they can jointly grow together.

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