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Aisino Zhang Ping Wins Honorary Title of National Meritorious Woman Pacemaker

Recently, All-China Women's Federation held an International Women’s Day and Meritorious Women Commendation Conference in the Great Hall of the People, Zhang Ping, Project Manager of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) Anti-counterfeiting Tax Control Business Division won the honorary title of “national meritorious woman pacemaker”.

Zhang Ping graduated from Tsinghua University with a doctor's degree and came to Aisino in 2002, where she has been engaged in anti-counterfeiting tax control core product R&D and working hard in the forefront of scientific research and production for more than a decade. As a backbone in R&D, from golden tax card to golden tax plate, and from Chinese characters anti-counterfeit to list anti-counterfeit, the R&D of every core product of anti-counterfeiting tax control involved her industrious sweat. As a technology leader, she braved difficult, heavy tasks and led the team to achieve a number of breakthroughs. As the project manager, in order to build a platform for training talents at the grass-roots level, she shared her years of technical experience with others without any reserve, and cultivated a number of backbone talents for the project team.
Over the years, Zhang Ping keeps winning awards, as she received special government allowance in 2014, she was rated as a “CASIC youth post expert”, a “triple-A” member of the Communist Party of CASIC, and one of the “ten outstanding female workers of CASIC”, and her team was rated as a science & technology innovation team of CASIC. She is worthy of being a representative of Aisino female workers and, with an excellent work performance and a positive spirit, she reflects the glory and pride of a modern woman and radiates with the fragrance and wonderfulness of an aerospace woman.

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