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Aisino Enters Strategic Cooperation with CCB Beijing in Jointly Creating New Mode of Financing Service

On March 13, 2015, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) and China Construction Bank Beijing Branch (CCB Beijing) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Both sides will have all-round cooperation in the field of invoice credit Internet financing to create a new mode for SMEs’ finance services. Mr. Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino, and Mr. Xu Hongsheng, Vice President of CCB Beijing were present at the signing ceremony.

Scene of signing ceremony

Mr. Yu Liang delivers a speech

Mr. Xu Hongsheng delivers a speech

In his speech, Yu pointed out that Aisino and CCB Beijing both have unique brand and resource advantages in their respective industries and are strongly complementary and potential in cooperation in terms of business layout and development strategy. By cooperation, Aisino’s financing credit platform will dock with the credit products of CCB Beijing, which will take lead in realizing a tri-party combination among tax control products, Internet platform products and financial credit products and open a new way for the reduction of corporate financing difficulty and bank lending risk.
Xu Hongsheng noted that the win-win co-operation aims to create an informational financing service platform that is in line with the pace of time progress and the needs of corporate development. By the use of the tax information credit, it will further solve the financing difficulty of SMEs with good tax payment record and is expected to promote the extensive bilateral cooperation in various business areas.
As service provider that has been engaged in the field of tax informational construction field for years, Aisino has established direct contacts with hundreds of thousands of businesses around China and is focused on creating Aisino financing platform. The platform fully utilizes Internet, cloud computing and other big data technologies to analyze relevant information in a bid to provide business credit and financing information services. SMEs can use the platform to submit VAT invoices and other tax-related information, as an important credit basis for financing loan. The platform also provides favorable pre-loan credit basis and post-loan data monitoring for the loan business of financial institutions.
The signing of the agreement marks an official beginning of the deep-level cooperation between Aisino and CCB Beijing. It is an important measure to implement the strategic cooperation between China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and China Construction Bank as well as a solid step of both sides on complementary advantage and win-win cooperation. Benefiting from the national fiscal and financial reform and corporate credit support, the two sides will make contribution for the sound development, transformation and upgrading of SMEs through “bank-enterprise cooperation to benefit people's livelihood”.

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