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Aisino Carries out Tree Planting Activity Themed “Sharing a Blue Sky and Jointly Building Green Home”

In spring breeze and warm sun, all the people are busy with tree planting. On March 21, 2015, it was a sunny day with blue sky. Aisino Corporation (Aisino) organized the employees of its headquarters to spend the weekend time to come to Aisino Zhuozhou Branch to carry out a tree planting activity themed “Sharing a Blue Sky and Jointly Building Green Home”. More than 150 people, including Mr. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, Ms. Wang Yumin, Deputy General Manager of Aisino, Mr. Fu Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Mr. Wei Hongwen, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Chen Shishu, Deputy General Manager and headquarters employees participated in this activity. Before the start of this tree planting activity, Fu Jianjun made a brief mobilization.

Visiting the production plant of Zhuozhou Branch

Busy tree planting scene

At Zhuozhou Industrial Park, the participants visited the production plant and Phase II project. Then, in the designated planting area, they happily throw into the fiery tree planting activity. Under the guidance of technical staff, some people filled the land, some conveyed the seedlings, some fetched water, some strengthened the seedlings and some watered. They talked and laughed, and the entire planting site presented a bustling scene of labor. After more than one hour of hard work, 80 new seedlings up to the cultivation station stood neatly on the originally empty land, adding a new green space for Zhuozhou Park.

Group photo

The tree planting activity made the participants get close to the nature and relax the mind after the tense work, promoted the mutual understanding and enhanced the friendship. At the same time, they planted green dreams through their own hands and make contribution with practical action to the beautification of Zhuozhou park and the building of green home.

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