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Aisino Holds Long-Distance Race for Lunar New Year 2015

On Feb.5, 2015, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) held a long-distance race to welcome the Lunar New Year of 2015 in Aisino Park. The activity was hosted by the Labor Union of Aisino, organized by Technology Institute, and participated in by nearly 200 employees from 13 labor unions of Beijing companies and Zhuozhou Branch. Sun Yan, Chairman of the Labor Union of Aisino gave a pep rally and later presented awards to the winning teams and individuals.
The contestants started from the company’s main entrance and, divided into men’s group and women’s group, ran 8 laps and 6 laps respectively around No.1 Office Building. Despite the cold weather, all the contestants were in high spirits and racing each other to be the first, fully showing Aisino employees' positive spiritual outlook.

Women’s race begins

Men’s race

Award-winning representatives of men’s race

Award-winning representatives of women’s race

Award-winning teams  

After fierce competition, Yu Qiang, Wang Yu, Xie Yang, Li Xiangyang, Ma Chao, Han Jun, Li Qijun, Song Zhen, Cui Yi and Liu Xinke became the top ten in the men’s race; Liu An'an, Zhou Qing, Xue Aijun, Sui Ning, Guo Dingxiang, Wang Jue, Liu Lijie, Yng Tong, Liu Li and Jiang Xuemei became the top ten in the women’s race. According to the cumulative team scores, the Labor Union of Zhuozhou Branch came first, the Labor Union of Technical Service Center came second, and the Labor Union of Aisino Software came third.

Group photo of contestants

In order to further promote the concepts of “I take exercise, I’m healthy” and “Work happily, and live healthily” and popularize mass sports activities, the Labor Union of Aisino will in the long term carry on with long-distance running in winter as a traditional project to improve cohesive force in enterprise and enhance employees’ physical fitness.

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