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Aisino Honored as “Advanced Home of Staff” by CASIC

Recently, the Beijing based trade union of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) jointly granted the trade union of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) the title of “Advanced Home of Staff”. On January 6, 2015, the awarding ceremony of “Advanced Home of Staff” was held in Aisino Park. Sun Yubin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Party-Masses Work of CASIC, Sun Xuetao, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union of CASIC, Yu Liang, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, Fu Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Aisino and Sun Yan, Chairman of Trade Union of Aisino participated in the awarding ceremony.

Scene of awarding ceremony

Mr. Sun Yubin awarded the tablet of “Advanced Home of Staff” to Aisino and expressed congratulations on the achievements of Aisino in terms of production and management, party building, corporate culture and creation of “Advanced Home of Staff”. Mr. Yu Liang, on hehalf of Aisino, accepted the “Advanced Home of Staff” medal and expressed his acknowledgement to the trade union of CASIC. He noted that the trade union work of Aisino will take this as a new starting point to make greater contribution for the company’s reform, development and stability, focusing on the central task and serving the overall interests.
The creation of “Advanced Home of Staff” is an effective carrier for All China Federation of Trade Unions to promote the innovation and development of trade union work and agglomerate and serve the staff and plays an important role in stimulating the vitality of grassroots trade unions, improving the level of work, closing the contact with the masses of workers and promoting the reform and development of grassroots units. Aisino’s upgrade from “Qualified Home of Staff” to “Advanced Home of Staff” within two years is the full affirmation of CASIC on all levels of trade unions and trade union workers of Aisino fully playing the roles of trade unions and also on the contributions of the cadres and workers to the company’s transformation, upgrade and great-leap-forward development.
Under the leadership of the trade union of CASIC and the party committee of Aisino, Aisino’s trade unions will forge ahead, innovate, give full play to the important role of organizing employees, serving employees and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests, unite and mobilize the cadres and employees to actively advance transformation and upgrading for an early creation of “Model Home of Staff”.

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