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Interview with Chairman of Aisino Yu Bin by People's Daily Online
On Nov. 19, 2012, Mr. Yu Bin, Chairman of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) received an interview with focus on “Second Pioneering” by People's Daily Online ( 
Mr. Yu Bin, Chairman of Aisino receives exclusive interview by People's Daily Online
As a large state-owned listed company and a leading company in the IT industry, Aisino is committed to the development and growth of China’s informationization. From undertaking such national key projects as “Golden Tax Project”, “Golden Card Project” and “Golden Shield Project” to expand emerging field and overseas markets, it has become a leading IT company with core technologies and independent production and R&D strength. 

Mr. Yu Bin at interview scene
During the interview, Mr. Yu introduced Aisino’s important contributions to “Golden Tax Project”, “Golden Card Project” and “Golden Shield Project”. Currently, as the pilots of business tax to value-added tax transform expand, Aisino, as the major undertaking unit, has completed the arduous tasks on time, with quality and quantity ensured. During the construction supports of “Golden Card Project”, “Golden Shield Project” and other projects, Aisino has achieved fruitful results and possesses the strength to further grow and develop.
Today, Aisino has become an overall solution and service provider with information security need as core, which is inseparable with its powerful strength. Yu had a detailed introduction to the core competitive advantages of Aisino, from chipper safety chip with independent intellectual property to state-authorized CA center, from more than 110 authorized patents to the concentrated R&D base of Zhuozhou Industrial Base Phase II, from postdoctoral workstation to digital technology research institute.
When talking of the 12-year development course and future development layout of Aisino, Yu said that Aisino needs new adjustment and improvement to maintain high-speed growth. Aisino puts forward with the calling of “second pioneering” to all employees and summarizes the future development direction into three sentences, i.e. “consolidate and strengthen fundamental businesses”, “actively expand main business” and “accelerate layout in new industries”. In term of future development direction and business planning, Internet of things (IoT) is not only a key field that Aisino will especially expand but also an important undertaking related to national welfare and the people’s livelihood. Yu introduced two successful cases to interpret that in field of grain informationization Aisino adopts modernized IoT technology based Digital Grain Depot to help the state to conduct effective grain management and that in the field of public security informationization fruitful results have been achieved in terms of fugitives arrest, social information collection and management, population management as Aisino applies IoT technology in golden shield field.
Finally, around the corporate vision and blueprint of Aisino, Yu put forward the strategic guiding concept of “"consolidate the foundation, expand the main business, development service, enter the military area and walk towards the world” based on “product development, technology research and development and nationwide service system” to build Aisino into a real international brand.
The interview was made during Aisino’s “second pioneering”. As the innovation and reform constantly deepens, all employees of the company will be full of enthusiasm to meet new opportunities and challenges, regard the development of China’s information technology industry, regard core IT technology as its responsibility, regard Aisino going towards the world as vision, boldly open up in face of competition, establish an international brand and build first-class international IT enterprise with core technology!
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