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Promoting the Construction of High-Quality Haidian District and Highlighting the Corporate Social Responsibility “Aisino Cup” Quality Knowledge Contest Successfully Concludes
To implement the "Quality Development Program (2011-2020)" of the State Council and requirements of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) on strengthening internal management to enhance and reinforce the quality control capacity, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) gave full play to its own advantages, and carried out a series of internal quality construction work, while actively strengthening external collaboration. By virtue of Haidian District Government’s activity on "National Quality Demonstration City", Aisino, together with Haidian District Administration of Quality Supervision, successfully held “Aisino Cup” Quality Knowledge Contest during the period of “quality month” in 2012.
The contest commenced on Sep. 17, 2012 and concluded on Oct. 15. The ceremony for questionnaire lottery was held at Haidian District Government on Oct. 25, and a total of 245 participants from all walks of life won awards.
During the event, Aisino organized all employees to carefully study and actively participate in the knowledge contest, and totally submitted more than 600 copies of questionnaire, enhancing all staff’s quality awareness and creating a favorable atmosphere of "everyone is concerned about quality, everyone attaches importance to quality, everyone pursues quality, and everyone builds quality”, laying a sound foundation for the company to further enhance quality construction and improve core competency. In addition, as a high-tech enterprise in Haidian District, Aisino makes contribution to promoting the construction of high-quality and harmonious Haidian District, fully embodying Aisino’s social responsibility and sense of mission, winning high recognition from Haidian District Government and praise from the public.
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